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certificado de calibração digital 

Portal de relacionamento de certificados de calibração da Instrutemp. Tenha acesso aos certificados da sua empresa a qualquer momento e faça o download sempre que precisar! 


With trained professionals, modern standards and its own laboratory, Instrutemp offers the best calibration services

Our services have registered reliability RBC Calibration Certificate meeting the requirements according to ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025 Standard. Calibration is expressed through a label and certificate, indicating an associated measurement uncertainty, following the procedures guided by the General Coordination of Accreditation - CGCRE for different instruments, guaranteeing the excellence of our services. 

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why calibrate?

The purpose of calibration is to identify the deviations and uncertainties of measurements of the measured equipment in relation to a reference with known values called "standard", this process helps the user to obtain more precision in their measurements due to the knowledge of the obtained results, calibration cannot be confused with maintenance.

instrutemp calibration service

Here at Instrutemp your instrument is calibrated by qualified and certified technicians, who use the most modern and precise reference standards on the market. 

As a result, our services have reliability registered in the RBC Tracked Calibration Certificate for having clear and objective results. Excellence in service, quality of service and transparency with the customer are the differences and make Instrutemp the best company in the segment. 




How do I ship my equipment?

1 - Download the form

Download the "Equipment Submission Form" HERE and fill in the requested data.

2 - Fill in the form correctly

Remittance Invoice for Repair (Operation Code – CFOP 5915 for customers in the State of São Paulo and 6915 for outside the State of SP).

ATTENTION: We do not receive the equipment without the form and without Invoice

3 - Send to address

Unit 1 - Logistics and laboratory

Rua Fernandes Vieira, 156 – Belenzinho - São Paulo – SP CEP:03059-023

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00h to 12:00h and from 13:00h to 17:30h;


RBC Tracked Calibration forelectric line

  • multimeter

  • Pliers ammeter

  • function generator

  • Process Calibrator

  • Oscilloscope (Voltage and Current only)

  • resistive decade

  • megohmeter

  • microohmmeter

  • milliohmmeter

  • AC/DC hypot

  • pile thermometer

  • thermometer pliers

  • TTR Turns Ratio Meter

  • Capacitor

  • frequency meter

RBC Tracked Calibration forlaboratory line

  • Thermo hygrometer

  • thermocouple

  • Globe thermometer

  • Process calibrator with temperature function

  • Temperature and humidity datalogger

  • Freezer Thermometer

  • Infrared thermometer

  • thermal imager

  • Analog thermometer

  • psychrometer

  • Dew Point Meter (Dew Point)

  • Temperature and Humidity Transmitter (4-20mA)

  • Water Activity Meter

RBC Tracked Calibration forWork Safety Line


  • decibel meter

  • Dosimeter

  • Acoustic Calibrator



  • lux meter



  • Rotary Blade Anemometer

  • Hot Wire Anemometer

  • PITOT tube

RBC Tracked Calibration forphysical chemistry line(Analytics, Gases and Time)


  • PH meter

  • Conductivity Meter

  • Refractometer (BRIX only)


Gas and Combustion Analyzer

  • CO / CO2 / NO / SO2 / O2

4 Gas Detectors

  • CO / H2S / LEL / O2

5 Gas Detectors

  • CO / H2S / LEL / O2 / PID

  • CO / H2S / LEL / O2 / VOC

  • CO / H2S / LEL / O2 / NH3

  • CO / H2S / LEL / O2 / PH3

SINGLE and FIXED detectors

  • CO / H2S / LEL / O2 / PID / VOC / PH3 / CL2


  • stopwatch

RBC Tracked Calibration forMechanics Line


  • Differential Pressure Gauge

  • Analog Pressure Gauge (UNDER REQUEST)

  • Barometer

  • Pressure Transmitter (UNDER REQUEST)

  • Vacuumometer (UNDER REQUEST)


  • Tachometer (Contact and Optical)


  • Dynamometer (Up to 20Kg)

  • Metal Alloy Durometer


  • Analog / Digital Caliper (Up to 200mm)

  • Analog / Digital Micrometer (External Up to 100mm)

  • Ultrasonic Ink Layer Thickness Gauge

  • Ultrasonic Sheet Thickness Gauge


  • Vibration Meter (By mechanical displacement)

downloading patterns

All our equipment comes with the technical report/certificate of calibration and a copy of the REFERENCE STANDARD, available for download below. To identify your standard, just locate the code used in your last calibration and compare it with your equipment. If it is not available,  check the date of the last calibration to identify if your calibration has expired, as your equipment will probably need a new calibration.

  • At which points is the calibration of the measuring instrument performed?
    The measurement points, where calibration is carried out along the measuring range of the instrument, are defined by technical standards or by Inmetro itself. If the customer has “specific points”, just inform them when contracting the service.
  • How is my measuring instrument identified?
    After every calibration, the measuring instrument receives a seal called a calibration label. It contains the number of the calibration certificate, the calibration date and the expiration date (inform at the time of contracting, if any). In addition, if the customer has his own identification code (Tag) just send it to us and we will record it on the measuring instrument.
  • What is the validity of the calibration certificate?
    Every calibration has an expiration date, but this basically depends on the frequency of use of the instrument, severity and environmental weather, handling, storage and degree of accuracy of the instrument. Identical measuring instruments, calibrated on the same date, may have different validity according to the above parameters. Therefore, it is up to the customer to define the appropriate validity for their measuring instrument, which can vary between days, months and even years. Remembering that, during the period of validity, if the measuring instrument suffers any damage, it is necessary to adjust and calibrate it again. We at Instrutemp recommend to our customers that the calibration is carried out once a year
  • Which instruments should be calibrated?
    According to quality standards, such as ISO9001 (item 7.6), all measurement instruments that influence the control of the company's processes must be calibrated with traceability to national (RBC/INMETRO) or international bodies.
  • Is Instrutemp's calibration certificate valid in my audits?
    Our Calibration Certificates are valid for all quality management system standards, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC17025, PBQP-H, ANVISA, ANAC, as it has traceability to RBC/INMETRO and/or recognized by INMETRO.
  • What is measurement uncertainty?
    Measurement uncertainty can be understood as the “doubt” around the result obtained during calibration. By definition, no measurement is 100% accurate, but the smaller the measurement uncertainty, or “doubt,” attributed to the result, the more reliable the measurement. Calibration Laboratories with lower uncertainties express more reliable results than Calibration Laboratories with higher measurement uncertainty.
  • What is traceability?
    Reference Standard is a measuring instrument with a degree of accuracy, precision and uncertainty, calibrated by Calibration Laboratories belonging to the RBC - Brazilian Calibration Network or international organizations recognized by INMETRO, thus composing the measurement traceability chain.< /p>
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    Para fazer download de manuais ou softwares, por favor, verifique na página do produto desejado se o link está disponível: Caso não encontre, por favor, nos envie uma mensagem abaixo com o código do equipamento e qual download não encontrou.
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  • What is maintenance or adjustment?
    It is the correction of measurement errors identified in the calibration process. After maintenance or adjustment, a new calibration must be carried out.
  • Does calibration repair or adjust the measuring instrument?
    No, the purpose of calibration is to inform the customer of measurement errors at that exact moment, as a “photograph” of the instrument. With this, the customer is able to assess how the instrument was performing during the previous period of use, making it possible to identify failures in the measurement process, even recalls. In this case it is necessary to carry out maintenance, or adjustment, of the measuring instrument
  • freight cost
    Instrutemp is not responsible for the freight cost of the equipment sent for technical assistance. The cost is the full responsibility of the customer.
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