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about Us

Instrutemp Measuring Instruments Ltd. is a company specialized in the sale and technical assistance of portable instruments for measuring physical quantities such as temperature, humidity, air flow, pressure, gases, rotation, air quality, light and sound. It also has instruments for the evaluation of electrical quantities and control of industrial processes, among others.

Our premise is to keep our team always qualified with training on our equipment so that we can always offer the best solution in measurements, exceeding customer expectations, with quality, speed and cordiality, having the results with encouragement to be recognized as a company efficient, flexible, with a young spirit, and who wants to be ahead of the market.

We serve large national and international groups, universities, research institutes, liberal professionals, among others.

quality policy

With the commitment of the leadership and employees, Instrutemp seeks as a company for the sale of measuring instruments and calibration services:


  • Respect the commitments assumed, aiming to increase the satisfaction of internal and external customers with ethics and integrity;

  • Meet stakeholder expectations and needs; 

  • Promote the continuous improvement and effectiveness of our processes and services.


Our purpose is to guarantee quality, safety and efficiency to our customers.


• We put the customer at the center of our decisions.
• We are transparent and consistent in our actions.
• We practice respect, politeness and kindness.
• We are humble and recognize our weaknesses.
• We always grow and learn.
• We transform difficulties into opportunities.
• We are determined and decisive.
• We are united. One's problem is everyone's problem.

iso 9001 certification

logo iso 9001.png

Instrutemp was certified by the NBR ISO 9001:2018 Management System.

ISO 9001 is a certification issued by internationally recognized bodies to companies that meet stringent quality requirements, demonstrating their management capacity.

This certification aims to improve our working method, guaranteeing the quality of products and services and intensifying our commitment to you, the customer. And with this, you receive equipment with a proven guarantee from the beginning of the process, that is, from the arrival of the raw material to the final product.


Instrutemp grows more and more and consolidates itself in the market for the sale of measuring instruments, in addition to the field of technical assistance and calibration. Discover our units:


Instrutemp started its activities in August 2000, based on the dream of our CEO, who already had ten years of experience in companies in the measurement sector. His endeavor began with the distribution of products under the TESTO brand, a German multinational and one of the market leaders.

With the help of his father and later our commercial director, the CEO founded Instrutemp, starting with the work of prospecting clients, thus managing to develop his commercial area.

From that moment on, the company grows every day and with it the need to hire new employees.

In 2005, the company needed to expand its headquarters, acquiring the building that today is the current headquarters of Instrutemp, which also made it possible to acquire new lines of products and imports.

Instrutemp continues to grow and increasingly consolidates itself in the market for the sale of measuring instruments, in addition, of course, to the field of technical assistance and calibration.

Currently, Instrutemp is a reference brand in the measurement and metrology instruments sector, mainly because of its proposal to offer effective solutions to customers.

With a wide range of instruments, a well-equipped laboratory and increasingly qualified professionals, Instrutemp has been achieving its growth goals and enabling its employees to develop together with the company.

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